Our Projects

Clean Water Program

This program will focus on providing clean water to areas of need in Ethiopia, and will expand to other regional states in accordance to the need and availability of funds based off the findings of need-assessment studies. Three Goats will fund hand-dug and drilled wells, rehabilitation of existing wells, building communal latrines, distribution of point-to-use water treatment solutions, and will train water and sanitation committees. The Clean Water Program will install water purification systems, known by its trade name as the Skyhydrant, which can produce up to 20,000 liters of drinking water per day.

Sanitary and Nutrient Food Program

This program will establish centers in areas of need that will donate cooking utensils (500 units per year) to reduce cooking-related contamination. The program will conduct workshops aimed at young women who are burdened with cooking meals for the whole family, on how to efficiently prepare food helping them reduce cooking time. The goal is to help them have sufficient time to follow their education. This program will also fund educational seminars and workshops for farmers on how to diversify their crops to include fruits and vegetables that are highly important to thwart illness and help children to fully develop. In addition, with the help of Board Director Marcus Samuelsson, it will design recipes from local produce to lessen the impacts of the lack of important nutrients in meals widely consumed in Africa.

City Food Program

In many major cities of Ethiopia, such as Addis Ababa, Adama, and Dire Dawa, many families have been struggling to purchase food items as a direct result of the high cost of living in cities and a high inflation rate, which causes food price to increase uncontrollably. This has lead many families to allow children to beg for food and leave their education. Thus, the City Food Program will provide food (from local producers) and other necessary items to the residents.


Three Goats emphasizes the importance of education in this region and will focus many of its resources to provide proper tools, supplies and teachers to the young students in Ethiopia. By providing workshops to teach especially young women how to be efficient with their time cooking and caring for their families, this will allow them to focus more on their education, thus helping them become entrepreneurs in their community.

Change through Dialogue Program

This program will focus on providing funds for seminars, conferences, academic studies and workshops that will focus on elevating poor families in Ethiopia to be self sufficient through entrepreneurial activities, that will create interest and in the long term and introduce local activism to support and mentor young people to have a successful future. These activities will cover all regions of Ethiopia and will solely focus on the causes of poor families and the different ways they can be supported to come out of chronic poverty.